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This Interactive Activity CD was written by a man who always greets you with a phrase "Better Than Terrific." This is just what this activity is better than terrific." - Barbara Pinson



Firetail's™, a subsidiary product of LDB Entertainment is a fun, loving character geared toward educating and entertaining youth about life lessons and the the importance of safety.

Larry D. Bennett the President of LDB Entertainment says, "In this venture, our goal was to provide children with an easy, fun yet memorable learning CD that met a child's need and interests. And we've accomplished just that!"

Firetail's Interactive Activity CD is NOW available.

Firetails Activity Book


Delight your child with Firetails ABC's Book.

This unique Alphabet Book is filled with fun and learning for children seven and under. This book is designed to set young children on the path to becoming creative, caring, and confident individuals.

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